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If you like my stuff, and if you have some extra cash, you can support me by donating (via paypal or credit card). Just click on this button:

(If you send a donation, make sure to contact me so I remember to check my paypal account and so I can send a proper thank-you)

I’m a writer and voice actor for Doctor Whooves Adventures. I’m managing a blog, writing a book, and working on several other projects. At present, I’m not getting paid by anybody to do any of that. I have no sponsors and I run no ads whatsoever. All my expenses are either out-of-pocket or paid for by donations.

Other notes: In case you were wondering, I’m just one guy, and I don’t qualify as a charity, so your donations are NOT tax-deductible. But they are very much appreciated! My paypal fees, in case you wanted to know, are 3% + 30 cents. (So don’t donate less than 30 cents; I won’t receive it!) Once again, if you decide to donate, you have my thanks. And if you won’t or can’t send money, that’s fine. You’ll still get all my stuff, uncut and commercial-free.



Raphael – December 23, 2007

Beatrix – May 31, 2010

[Redacted] – June 4, 2010

Beatrix (2nd donation) – June 19th, 2010


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